So you wanna know what a drum kit sounds like…

So during a conversation with some audio students yesterday, I discovered to my dismay that they had never heard a REAL drum kit played in a Real room. They were sure that all “real” music just used triggered drum sounds or replaced drum samples. And of course it had to be chopped up and gridded if it was going to be listened to by anyone. How sad is that…

So I opened the tracking session from Meatbox and pulled up the drum kit stem that was used for the headphone mixes.

These are sample clips from the original recording of drummer Jeff Mauget of the band Meatbox. This recording is strictly mic selection through our Neve Genesys recording console at Post Pro

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tracked with minimal EQ and minimal compression. There has been no post EQ, no post compression and virtually no mixing. The only reverb that you hear is basically that of the room microphone placement. No artificial ambience has been added. In other words, this is as raw as it gets.

And the first question my students asked: “Why do those drums sound more in your face than the samples?” Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

And to Jeff’s credit, these tracks were all done on Day 1. Not too shabby…



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