New Edit Suite Layout

Edit Suite 2:17:2014

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Nice Write Up By GC Pro for the Studio

Post Pro Interview for GC Pro

the Longest Journey Documentary

This is a documentary we worked on this past spring that is finally available. Definitely a unique project! Post Pro provided audio restoration and the final mix to picture was completed

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Photo Enhancement Services

Post Pro has been doing forensic audio enhancements for over 15 years and visual forensic services for over 10 years. Recently a client came to us with a film slide that was smaller than 0.5″x0.75″ and wanted it increased to an image worthy of an 8″x10″ photo. Not an easy feat to increase the size and maintain resolution, but consider the damage to the photo slide as well.

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Studio A – Control Room

Studio A is based around a 24 channel Neve Genesys recording console with 1073 microphone preamps and 1084 equalizers on each channel along with the Dynamics Package which adds a compressor/gate/expander to each channel. Studio A is equipped with Pro Tools HD and analog multitrack recorders.

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